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In just under one week we will have a party celebrating the publishing of our first book! The book is called Vintage Sylvania, and it will be available on June 16th. Check out this article from The Toledo Blade.

It’s not a history of Sylvania, although there’s a lot of history in it. It’s not a coffee table book, although it contains more pictures than words. The staff at Perrysburg-based Vintage Aerial say the company’s first book, Vintage Sylvania, will be a sentimental journey of sorts for anyone who lived or lives in the Sylvania area, who appreciates local history, and who might have fond memories of the places depicted in its pages. (Toledo Blade Article)

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today ive done another job in blabuckrn. with water penitration into the TV from a relitively new aerial. on investigation i discovered the weather cap has again been left off. the customer admited she had chosen a cheap installer in blabuckrn. the reason poor and disshonest installers do this is they know they will be called back 2-3 years later well out of the warranty they may have to supply. although i suspect the installer would not of left a receipt. as a aerial installer in the lancashire area i find this kind of practice ruthlessly disshonest and criminal.

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