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120 dma 11
120-DMA-11 (Madison, 1986)
The store on the bottom left burned in the early 2000s
120 dma 10
120-DMA-10 (Madison, 1986)
This is a photography studio now
107 dma 28
107-DMA-28 (Madison, 1986)
My grandparents house. Not a whole lot has changed since then.
044 bcf 26
44-BCF-26 (Coffee, 1983)
Car wash in Elba, Alabama. No longer there, taken down along with Jr. Food Store for old 84 to run straight... more »
044 bcf 25
44-BCF-25 (Coffee, 1983)
Old Jr. Food Store in Elba, Alabama. It is no longer there, taken down and old highway 84 runs where it once... more »
039 cla 22
39-CLA-22 (Lawrence, 1985)
Caddo ballfield , awesome place.
036 qba 34
36-QBA-34 (Barbour, 1984)
My Grandparents home, Joseph A and Alma Jernigan
036 qba 35
36-QBA-35 (Barbour, 1984)
The old home place where I was raised.

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