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    Lorain County, OH
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    Lorain County, OH
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    Lorain County, OH
    The Henrietta Methodist Church and cemetery. North side of SR 113 east of Gore Orphanage Rd, Henrietta.
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    Lorain County, OH
    Leimbach's Hilltop Service on the NE corner of SR 113 and Vermilion Rd, Henrietta. Looks exactly the same today, even the sign.
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    Lorain County, OH
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    Lorain County, OH
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    Lorain County, OH
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    Lorain County, OH
    The Oberlin Airport, home of Coates Flying Service. In the front was the Skyway Restaurant in 1947 and 1948, I can't find any mention of it after that. On the south side of SR 511 between Vermilion and Gifford roads, Oberlin. The old restaurant building and the square hangar are still there. The airport was sold in 1990 and does not seems to have operated after that. The long gravel drive that used to be the runway is still there although some trees are fairly close.
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    Lorain County, OH
    NW corner of SR 82 and Giles Rd, Eaton Township. The house in the woods is still there.
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    Lorain County, OH
    North side of SR 82 east of Island Rd, Eaton Township. Most of the buildings are still there. Today Mallard Creek Golf Club is just to the right of the barn.
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    Commented on 23-HLO-22
    Lorain County, OH
    Some very interesting places just off the photo to the left. That was the location of the old Oberlin Airport and Coates Flying Service. In the upper left corner you can just make out the "Oberlin" on the roof of the small hangar. You can see it better in the thumbnail on the preview page for roll 23-HLO. When the airport opened in 1947 the building just off the photo was the Skyway Restaurant. I can only find mentions of it in 1947 and 1948. The airport was sold off in 1990 and did not serve as an airport after that. The interesting house that look like it used to be a barn is still there and still interesting. This is the south side of SR 511 just east of Vermilion Rd, Oberlin. For a look at the airport and the Skyway see photo 20-PLO-27 from 1978: https://vintageaerial.com/photos/ohio/lorain/1978/PLO/20/27
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    Lorain County, OH
    East side of Vermilion Rd north of SR 511/Becker Rd, Henrietta. Everything except the old barn was replaced around 2000.
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    Commented on 13-KLO-5
    Lorain County, OH
    East side of SR 511 south of where it turns east. Not much remains from this photo. All gone by 2000 and a new house is way back from the road today. I think the barn on the right is there but added onto.
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    Commented on 13-KLO-3
    Lorain County, OH
    East side of SR 511 south of where it turns to go east towards Oberlin. In the upper left corner is the Kipton Cemetery.
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    Lorain County, OH
    SR 511 where it used to curve west to merge with Rt 20. The other side of the road from photo 27. The house and the large barn are still there.
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    Lorain County, OH
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    Lorain County, OH
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    Lorain County, OH
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