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25-ABR-27 (1980)
The Aqua Pit
12-RBR-32 (1969)
Biggby Coffee is here today.
23-SBR-20 (1963)
Sealtex Manufacturing Co.
91-SHI-1 (1963)
Cecil D. Moore farm
99-SHI-18 (1963)
G.R. Reichhardt
84-SHI-16 (1963)
C.A. Baxter & Sons farm
94-SHI-27 (1963)
Skating - bowling?
18-SHI-20 (1963)
Scoville Bros Elevator
18-SHI-18 (1963)
This factory is no longer there. The red pin marks the former location.
18-SHI-19 (1963)
Cuff's Tire Service across from the 99 Drive In. O'Reilly Auto Parts is here today.
51-SHI-20 (1963)
The 99 Restaurant. Hillsdale Chrysler is here today.
17-SHI-32 (1963)
Motel and the Hillsdale Golf & Country Club. The motel was here way before the Baw Beese motel and was razed... more »
17-SHI-31 (1963)
Dave's Marine Supply and the Oak Haven Store
63-SHI-31 (1963)
Carl Harding farm
63-SHI-25 (1963)
Deisler farm
62-SHI-3 (1963)
The Dart Motel
5-ZHI-11 (1981)
Waldron post office
6-ZHI-19 (1981)
The end of Water St in Waldron.
6-ZHI-9 (1981)
Waldron library
6-ZHI-8 (1981)
Hudson State Savings Bank. NE corner of Main and Center St.
47-NHI-11 (1978)
L.E. Graham farm
47-NHI-10 (1978)
Waldron North Side Carry-Out
75-SHI-28 (1963)
Boyd Farm on the NE corner of Tuttle and Hartley Rds.
75-SHI-21 (1963)
Fellows farm
75-SHI-18 (1963)
Waldron Lumber Co
75-SHI-15 (1963)
Cozy Acres Farm
38-SHI-24 (1963)
The 10 sided house was torn down around 2006. The red pin marks the former location.
38-SHI-23 (1963)
GreenMark Equipment is here today and this old building is gone.
38-SHI-22 (1963)
Pottery & gift shop. No longer there it has been replaced by the GreenMark Equipment building.