Seneca County

We have 1071 rolls of film from Seneca County. That's about 38,556 photos.

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98-MSE-31 (1969)
Roe and Eva Vollmar farm.
30-MSE-29 (1969)
Photo 30-MSE-29 is my home can I get a picture from you.
101-MSE-1 (1969)
This is the farm home my step children grew up in. My son owns it now. We are considering what would be our... more »
23-MSE-33 (1969)
It is the Old dundore Farm my brother John park has owned it over 35 years
9-XSE-19 (1986)
Its my grandparents farm!!! I saw it lots of times riding my bike to visit! Still make it there just not nearly... more »
3-XSE-1 (1986)
My parents house the year they bought it.
38-MSE-13 (1969)
This is my parents house! Many things have changed, almost nothing is the same.
55-MSE-4 (1969)
My parents farm - Strausbaugh residence.