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We have 849 rolls of film from Erie County. That's about 30,564 photos. 90% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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043 eer 06
43-EER-6 (1975)
I grew up in this house the house has since had an addition put on it with a small fire escape deck added to... more »
015 ser 26
15-SER-26 (1964)
This is my parent's house and the one in which my sister, brother (who passed in 1976) and I were raised... more »
061 zer 26
61-ZER-26 (1983)
I was friends with Ray Enderle and we had good times there. In 1987 I got my pilots license and I still remember... more »
061 zer 25
61-ZER-25 (1983)
Didn't grow up there but in a way I did. I was friends with Ray Enderle and we would spend our summer days... more »
031 mer 01
31-MER-1 (1969)
This is now part of Mathews Ford, Lincoln. Used to be considered the used car side, now it is Quicklane, where... more »
031 mer 37
31-MER-37 (1969)
You have pictures from an area that is nowhere near the mapped flight path for this roll. Avery (clearly seen... more »
061 zer 26
61-ZER-26 (1983)
Homestead of the Enderle Family, arrived in 1925 from Bellevue, Ohio and lived here until roughly 1990.
061 zer 25
61-ZER-25 (1983)
Enderle family homestead from 1925-roughly 1990. There where many good times here with family and those from... more »