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042 fhar 08
42-FHAR-8 (Hardin, 1977)
Would like to possibly make a purchase... Thanks you
042 fhar 08
42-FHAR-8 (Hardin, 1977)
My husband was born in this house and we still live there in a new house.
042 fhar 08
42-FHAR-8 (Hardin, 1977)
Would like to contact you about this picture.
038 dot 15
38-DOT-15 (Ottawa, 1963)
Boat House and marina on Sand Beach Rd. The Get Reel Guide Service is at the location today.
038 dot 16
38-DOT-16 (Ottawa, 1963)
Sand Beach Rd where it used to curve south. The bridge over the inlet is no longer there. The large building... more »
030 iot 31
30-IOT-31 (Ottawa, 1993)
Dale's on Rt 163 east of North Shore Blvd, Marblehead. Today it is the Dry Dock.
056 nun 24
56-NUN-24 (Union, 1973)
My dad bought this in the early 70’s he remodeled it and we moved in in 1973. The barns in the back are gone... more »

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