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075 cda 09
75-CDA-9 (Darke, 1967)
This farm is a shadow of it's former self now with only the house and single outbuilding remaining.
077 cda 05
77-CDA-5 (Darke, 1967)
Twin Township #3 -Sockum School. This school is still standing and in good condition.
075 cda 25
75-CDA-25 (Darke, 1967)
White Springs Golf Course is in the background.
075 cda 19
75-CDA-19 (Darke, 1967)
The house and much of that white fence remains to this day! I remember the fence very clearly as I could see... more »
075 cda 18
75-CDA-18 (Darke, 1967)
This farmhouse was torn down in the late 1970's and all of the land around it is now developed. I grew up... more »
004 sgr 09
4-SGR-9 (Greene, 1964)
Rick is a great guy.
160 rmi 12
160-RMI-12 (Miami, 1980)
Moores Egg Farm West State Route 571
095 cda 19
95-CDA-19 (Darke, 1967)
Delisle School, Van Buren Township #5. This is the prettiest of the old rural Darke County school houses. A... more »

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