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037 mer 06
37-MER-6 (Erie, 1969)
Central Erie Supply elevator on Delematre Rd, Kimball, Oxford Township. Everything in this photo is gone today... more »
036 mer 27
36-MER-27 (Erie, 1969)
Central Erie Supply. I believe this was historically known as the Prout Elevator. On the left is Stanley'... more »
009 cmu 30
9-CMU-30 (Muskingum, 1976)
This is part of my parents farm...
016 iff 06
16-IFF-6 (Fairfield, 1965)
I currently own this property. My parents bought it in 1971. The barn and the little out building in the back... more »
021 xmo 20
21-XMO-20 (Monroe, 1986)
Clyde and Yvonne Cline-Weckbacher Children; Judith and Sandra
021 xmo 19
21-XMO-19 (Monroe, 1986)
Homer and Marge Blair Witten Creek Rd
021 xmo 17
21-XMO-17 (Monroe, 1986)
Clyde and Yvonne Cline-Weckbacher Judith and Sandra Weckbacher Witten Creek Rd Rinard Mills, Ohio
021 xmo 14
21-XMO-14 (Monroe, 1986)
Fred and Laura Smith-Weckbacher Witten Creek Rd

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