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123-GDK-12 (Darke, 1989)
This is where my best friend lived growing up lived. It is on Russ Rd with the side street bing Northview Dr... more »
123-GDK-11 (Darke, 1989)
NW Corner of Russ Rd and Jonquil Lane.
122-GDK-33 (Darke, 1989)
This house has since had a large pole barn added just to the left of the garage in this picture.
122-GDK-26 (Darke, 1989)
I had friends in high school that lived here when they first moved to Greenville.
26-XAS-11 (Ashland, 1986)
Kettering Imp sold the building to production Credit Assn in about 1973 and they ran a farm eq. leasing company... more »
83-CDA-26 (Darke, 1967)
Not Nealeigh. Gordon. Nealeigh was on Nealeigh farm on Alt RT 49 east.
45-GDK-4 (Darke, 1989)
Is this corner of RT 503 and Arcanum hollansburg Road? If so it was a church. Beechgrove area. Old Karns school... more »
92-CDA-10 (Darke, 1967)
The school house is private residence today. The church and old township house are across. The Brumbaugh academy... more »

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