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041 omi 13
41-OMI-13 (Miami, 1968)
Goldenfeather1 I would love to know more about your family‚Äôs experience living here. My parents purchased this... more »
098a btu 26
98A-BTU-26 (Tuscarawas, 1979)
Indian Village Motors Gnadenhutten
044 btu 11
44-BTU-11 (Tuscarawas, 1979)
Located at fork of county roads 52 and 79. Was told this was a school house originally.
043 btu 27
43-BTU-27 (Tuscarawas, 1979)
Harold "Whitey" Howard's auto salvage yard, auto sales and home when picture taken.
058 tu 02
58-TU-2 (Tuscarawas, 1999)
Green Ridge Rd near Roswell.
058 tu 03
58-TU-3 (Tuscarawas, 1999)
House on Green Ridge Rd New Philadelphia near Roswell
058 tu 04
58-TU-4 (Tuscarawas, 1999)
Recent built home at time of picture taken. Home is on Green Ridge Rd New Philadelphia.
058 tu 06
58-TU-6 (Tuscarawas, 1999)
Farm and new house at end of depot street, Roswell

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