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012 jsh 01
12-JSH-1 (Shelby, 1997)
Whiteline Express.
011 jsh 14
11-JSH-14 (Shelby, 1997)
Jackson Township #3/Big Woods School.
006 jsh 18
6-JSH-18 (Shelby, 1997)
Loramie Township #1/Huffman School.
005 jsh 33
5-JSH-33 (Shelby, 1997)
Superior Aluminum Products.
005 jsh 32
5-JSH-32 (Shelby, 1997)
Superior Aluminum Products.
004 jsh 14
4-JSH-14 (Shelby, 1997)
Buscher's Market.
003 jsh 29
3-JSH-29 (Shelby, 1997)
Hogenkamp Funeral Home.
077 ksa 22
77-KSA-22 (Sandusky, 1971)
Looking SE CR 174/Weickert Rd at CR 157/Woodrich Rd Section 26 Rice Township

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