Photo 60-OCH-31


Graham South elementary school (formerly Christiansburg-Jackson School.)

Unfortunately everything so sad!

I graduated from there in 1957

I started kindergarten that year!

I graduated from there in 1959, I believe that was the last year for this school - they consolidated into Graham. I loved my school - great classmates and great teachers - so sorry it is no longer standing. So many great memories.

I started first grade in Christiansburg then they merged with Jackson and I graduated in 1948--the last year for C-J was 1961 then it became Graham South now all gone what a shame

I did some technology workshops in this building before it was torn down.

I came to Graham South school in 1971 I was in the third grade. All three of my boys attended Grahsm South . kind of sad to see it gone.

Attended third through sixth grade in this building. Also spent the night when a heavy snow storm made it too dangerous to bus us kids home. Some parents came to pick up their kids. Those of us who stayed slept on the gym mats that had been pulled off the walls of the gym.

31 & 32 are same school but different views.

Built in 1917 but gone as mentioned already.

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