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We have 542 rolls of film from Champaign County. That's about 19,512 photos. 97% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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073 och 15
73-OCH-15 (1968)
I own this farm now 8/3/17
044 och 04
44-OCH-4 (1968)
Kiser Lake Road South of Rosewood
044 och 05
44-OCH-5 (1968)
Bruce and Sandy Herider farm on Carysville Road
095 bch 26
95-BCH-26 (1979)
This is my uncle Jim Brown house. He lived here for ever. He had 3 kids,All girls. I was his son he never had... more »
079 och 29
79-OCH-29 (1968)
My family farm. It has really change over the years
055 och 01
55-OCH-1 (1968)
I grew up on this farm. 1954-1973. First house, north side of SR 36 just west of SR 235/36 intersection. My... more »
060 och 23
60-OCH-23 (1968)
The old Brubaker farm,we moved here from the Kiser farm after Dad remarried. If I remember right it was 160... more »
039 och 31
39-OCH-31 (1968)
My Dad and Moms home north of St.Paris,Ohio on Kiser Lake Road