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We have 542 rolls of film from Champaign County. That's about 19,512 photos. 99% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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138-BCH-28 (1979)
O'Neal family farm on Bump Rd
138-BCH-27 (1979)
O'Neal family farm on Bump Rd
93-BCH-28 (1979)
This is my family farm and home. Established in 1812. First bicentennial (200-year) designated family farm in... more »
86-OCH-20 (1968)
Not sure what year this was taken, house was built in 1964. I've own it since 2003 Fox Hill
42-OCH-16 (1968)
"Top Hat Restaurant" aerial photo from 1968 it was also a Gulf filling station at the time. The restaurant... more »
43-OCH-31 (1968)
This was Camp Shawana (A Camp Fire Girls Camp) from around 1948-1990, It was then sold to be used as a Christian... more »
43-OCH-13 (1968)
We called tbis a "Grange Hall", but it was mostly used as a community center for people that live... more »
43-OCH-21 (1968)
Kiser Lake, Ohio. West end park facilities as they were in 1968. (L-R): Former 3 bay boat house for park ranger... more »