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9-LWX-25 (1990)
We went there alot on our Sunday afternoon drives. I always felt sorry for the bears.
25-CWE-24 (2001)
4043 W. M-115, 1/4 mile south of 17 road.
25-CWE-23 (2001)
4043 W. M-115 (south side of M-115 S. of 17 road 1/4 mile off 115)
3A-LWE-30 (1990)
Harrietta, MI. Post Office is building with flag.
3A-LWE-25 (1990)
Harrietta State Fish Hatchery. 6801 W. 30 Road, Harrietta, MI
3-LWX-4 (1990)
I was the principal of Forest View from about 1992-2002. The area is completely wooded and new additions were... more »
3-LWX-16 (1990)
I own this house, less trees around the yard and a garage now.
39-CWE-36 (2001)
8192 S 27 Rd. My childhood home, Glenda Telgenhoff