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009 win 34
9-WIN-34 (Ingham, 1984)
I grew up in this house (age 8-21). My Mom and Dad had the house built in 1979. I loved this house. I imagine... more »
155 umac 03
155-UMAC-3 (Macomb, 1983)
The O'Rourke Farm Built in 1836
218 owa 16
218-OWA-16 (Washtenaw, 1982)
Southeast corner of 8 mile and Pontiac trail. All buildings are gone. you can see what used to be Cockrum'... more »
218 owa 07
218-OWA-7 (Washtenaw, 1982)
McDaniel's gun shop. Now a farm supply store. Pontiac trail.
218 owa 06
218-OWA-6 (Washtenaw, 1982)
McFarland's sharpening service. Pontiac trail.
218 owa 04
218-OWA-4 (Washtenaw, 1982)
Corner of 7 mile and Pontiac trail. The corner store is located here. This building burned and was rebuilt.
212 owa 32
212-OWA-32 (Washtenaw, 1982)
Angle rd. east of Tower. The Slay family built this house.
213 owa 03
213-OWA-3 (Washtenaw, 1982)
Corner of 7 mile and Angle. Barns are gone. The intersection looks different too.

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