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081 tal 09
81-TAL-9 (Allegan, 1985)
Fillmore Equipment
081 tal 10
81-TAL-10 (Allegan, 1985)
Fillmore equipment
101 aot 25
101-AOT-25 (Ottawa, 1980)
Horinga Dairy Farm
102 aot 02
102-AOT-2 (Ottawa, 1980)
Vern Haveman Farm
037b fsh 27
37B-FSH-27 (Shiawassee, 1973)
This is at the corner of Ridge road and Fowler Road. 2 miles east of Chapin, MI
037b fsh 25
37B-FSH-25 (Shiawassee, 1973)
Wirostek farm. 1 1/2 miles east of Chapin, MI
023 rio 31
23-RIO-31 (Ionia, 1989)
Grew up here 10063 Kimball Road, Pewamo, Michigan 4873 Hilary and Arlene Schafer (Deceased)
007 aca 09
7-ACA-9 (Calhoun, 1980)
This looks like my mom's house on T Drive South I think it is this is so cool

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