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008 yin 13
8-YIN-13 (Ingham, 1967)
To Kendra: what is the address or city this farm is in? Working towards trying to find my home in south Lansing... more »
086 cal 33
86-CAL-33 (Allegan, 1972)
Old Sproat School on the NE corner of 142nd and 14th St.
015 cch 17
15-CCH-17 (Charlevoix, 2001)
This is now Lavender Hill Farm, but this was the farm of Jim Brannan who was also a local Auctioneer.
015 cch 06
15-CCH-6 (Charlevoix, 2001)
Horton Bay General Store and the Red Fox Inn next door. Home of the famous Horton Bay 4th of July Parade... more »
086 rcv 13
86-RCV-13 (Charlevoix, 1989)
Original Stolt family homestead. Hence the name Stolt Road.
095 awa 08
95-AWA-8 (Washtenaw, 1980)
The Point Party Store location at Cavanaugh Lake Rd and Glazier Rd.
067 rio 22
67-RIO-22 (Ionia, 1970)
what year was this taken

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