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039 fke 29
39-FKE-29 (Kent, 1973)
This is a photo of the multi-generational 120 acre family farm (100+ years) that we were forced to sell in... more »
041 zba 24
41-ZBA-24 (Barry, 1981)
Fuller Street School (Maple Valley School District) and Football Field
001 aot 04
1-AOT-4 (Otsego, 2000)
The best farm to grow up on!!
048 rio 20
48-RIO-20 (Ionia, 1970)
I own this farm now (2018). It has been reduced to 3 acres from the original 80. From 1975 to 1995 the farm... more »
058 ujc 18
58-UJC-18 (Jackson, 1983)
This was my house in Parma. It is now a two story home and a single drive with a turn around. Looks completely... more »
036 aot 32
36-AOT-32 (Otsego, 2000)
My grandparents house! They have since passed and the house sold. The greatest memories of my life.... more »
036 aot 31
36-AOT-31 (Otsego, 2000)
The house on the left was my grandparents’ and the one on the right my great-grandparents. The left had since... more »

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