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010 psc 03
10-PSC-3 (Schoolcraft, 1992)
The Thompson motel has now been turned into a pet resort! It looks like a lot has changed in 26 years! Great... more »
007 rme 29
7-RME-29 (Mecosta, 1989)
Me and my fiance just purchased this house last spring. It is awesome to see the change over the years.
059 oio 07
59-OIO-7 (Ionia, 1982)
Grew up here! Was 18 and my senior year of HS when this was taken!
044 atu 16
44-ATU-16 (Tuscola, 1980)
This was my grandparents house I grew up there not much has changed but the trees are bigger and the one shed... more »
113 gtu 36
113-GTU-36 (Tuscola, 1976)
1650 Plain Rd, Caro, MI
114 gtu 35
114-GTU-35 (Tuscola, 1976)
Please correct the spelling of my name.
114 gtu 34
114-GTU-34 (Tuscola, 1976)
My grandfather cleared the land and built this farm. My father and his twin brother were born in the large... more »

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