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    Darke County, OH
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    Darke County, OH
    Schultz Motors; there are several photos of this business in the various Vintage Aerial photos across several years...
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    Darke County, OH
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    Darke County, OH
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    Darke County, OH
    A broader view of this farm is here: https://vintageaerial.com/photos/ohio/darke/1967/CDA/95/5
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    Darke County, OH
    This is across from the Abbottsville Cemetery; another view of this farm and a better picture of the old farmhouse is here: https://vintageaerial.com/photos/ohio/darke/1967/CDA/95/4
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    Darke County, OH
    Right at the end of old US-127 where it was cut off by the new US-127 Bypass south of town. Now this is County Home Rd.
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    Darke County, OH
    Another view: https://vintageaerial.com/photos/ohio/darke/1971/KDA/25/26
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    Darke County, OH
    Another view is here: https://vintageaerial.com/photos/ohio/darke/1971/KDA/25/27
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    Darke County, OH
    Another view of this farm is here: https://vintageaerial.com/photos/ohio/darke/1971/KDA/35/19
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    Darke County, OH
    Here is another view of this poultry farm: https://vintageaerial.com/photos/ohio/darke/1971/KDA/35/16
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    Gallia County, OH
    Buckeye Hills Career Center.
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    Ottawa County, OH
    Nothing left now but the projections house. Another view of it is here: https://vintageaerial.com/photos/ohio/ottawa/1971/KOT/139/16