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We have 1112 rolls of film from Stark County. That's about 40,032 photos. 77% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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148-RST-30 (1980)
in process of tearing down penn-railroad ymca been there as long as I can remember !!
30-ZST-21 (1983)
this is our home today doesn't look like this lots of new buildings and remodling in this picture just... more »
16-KST-26 (1971)
James and Gertrude Hohman Farm 5704 Georgetown rd. Louisville, ohio the large barn behind house burnt down... more »
81-LST-4 (1972)
grew up there since 1968 until 1995 doesn't look like that now difftently needs some attention breaks my... more »
4-MST-20 (1969)
corner of strausser & highmill was the ward bricker farm . the barn is gone now . my brother owns the house... more »
22-RST-18 (1980)
This is St. James Church at Crossroads, Elton SW and Pigeon Run between Navarre and Brewster. It was built... more »
55-RST-9 (1980)
Massillon State Hospital
55-RST-8 (1980)
Massillon State Hospital grounds, now demolished