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This was the Knute Morelli Estate where Emerald Estates now are. On high mill just north of portage

What an awesome property for the era. Would have loved to see it during the golden days. visited during its decline and abandonment.

This Is A Shame Mr Morelli Built This Home For His Wife And It Was Never Meant To Be Destroyed For Emerald Estates.I Remember While Working For Mr Morelli In His Office/Lab To The Back Of His Home He Kept A Photo Hung Behind His Door He Was Fond Of Anyone Know What Is Was? Mr Morelli's Grounds Maintained By Cappy Were Like A Park. The Pool Surrounded By Full Size Statues, Maids.. I Miss Mr Morelli

What a sad story. Looks like the Massillon Museum was slated to obtain the property until a wrench was thrown... Knute Morelli Estate

I visited the 'ruins' of the structures on the properties in the late '90s, and shot videos of it. There obviously had been a fire that took out the 3rd floor. Does anyone know when that happened and what the cause was? The Italian wall tiles and pink marble floors were over the top. The pool, with its 1" mosaic tiles was amazing. I was told that the structures behind the mansion (a brick ranch-style house and a small stone chapel) were from a religious convent that Mr. Morelli 'sponsored'. When I went into the chapel, it had been defaced with satanic symbols and words spray-painted on the walls. Nothing on the property could likely be salvaged, but what a cool place it would have been if it were saved. When we were in high school in the 1970s, we called the estate "The Mafia Mansion".

I was lucky enough to be some of the first people to go into the abandoned property in 1999 or 2000. Nothing was damaged at the time. We went there twice. The first time we were able to just walk in. Unfortunately the second time we had to break a window to get in. I was a senior in high school at the time so...

It was such a cool house with the spiral staircase going up through the middle of the house. The top floor was my favorite with the double sided fireplace and the windows all around. You were able to see Akron Canton airport.

This picture is an early version of the house. Later at some point a wing was add on the back and another floor was added to the top.

Here is the home with the revisions:

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