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We have 1051 rolls of film from Huron County. That's about 37,836 photos. 89% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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4-MHU-35 (1969)
On one side is my grandfathers home. The other side is the plot of land that became our home/my childhood home... more »
4-MHU-34 (1969)
My grandparents house.
46-MHU-7 (1969)
Albright Turkey Farm, St. Route 61 South near Peru, Ohio
13-ZHN-11 (1983)
This was the home I grew up at. The three maple trees in the front yard was our baseball diamond. A basketball... more »
2-LHU-16 (1999)
This is my parents farm . I grew up here and now own it! I would love to see older pictures of it .
67-MHU-8 (1969)
This may have been the farm that Don Jackson lived in.
67-MHU-7 (1969)
My family, the Moore's Lived at this farm at this time. The house was built to replace an old 2 story farm... more »
38-MHU-33 (1969)
This the house that i live in now.