Morgan County

We have 268 rolls of film from Morgan County. That's about 9,648 photos.

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47-HMO-14 (1981)
I grew up in this house from 1984 to 2005 my grandparents owned it
31-CMO-6 (1976)
This is the Leo Dutro Jr farm where my mother Sally Kay Dutro Best was raised.
14-MO-32 (1994)
My grandfather's farm Chester Kidd now I own it still farm it the old barn isn't there now
9-UMO-6 (1988)
I grew up there in that house. The barns are now gone and I also think the dish is gone out of the yard.
45-UMO-12 (1988)
Dwight VanHorn Farm. My husband's grandfather grew up in this house. My husband and father-in law now... more »
38-HMO-30 (1981)
Wilson Farm -Wolf Creek Farm In the bottom right is Wolf Creek Church
46-MO-7 (1994)
VanHorn farm built by Tim VanHorn. There is a new red barn near the road and fence around the whole farm for... more »
48-MO-11 (1994)
The Parson's farm has changed only a little from this photo. The step by the road are no longer there... more »