Delaware County

We have 796 rolls of film from Delaware County. That's about 28,656 photos.

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101-BDE-20 (1979)
We moved in right before the big blizzard hit in '78 and lived here until 2004. It was a wonderful place... more »
41-ODE-16 (1968)
Yarnell's Farm
11-ODE-17 (1968)
I raised my kids in this house from 1986 to 1993
27-BDE-6 (1979)
My house now. It has a front porch, a work shop to the left of the garage, extension on the right side of house... more »
216-BDE-30 (1979)
I lived one block from Mingo Park, which is pictured here. I used to ride horses in this park before the pool... more »
88-BDE-35 (1979)
This the home my Dad built for us to grow up in and enjoy on our Kroninger family property built it in 1977
88-BDE-36 (1979)
This was my grandmother 's home
19-ODE-12 (1968)
I grew up here. My Grandfathers Farm(Wray Dillon).