Clinton County

We have 375 rolls of film from Clinton County. That's about 13,500 photos.

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33-NCL-31 (1977)
This is my family farm. I lived there from 77-87
6-ECL-16 (1969)
Just found this on FB. That where I grew up!
38-BCL-18 (1973)
I was born on this farm. I was operating the farm in 1973.
59-LCL-13 (1970)
This is my family's farm- we're the 4th generation to live in this house. The pool and barns are long... more »
56-LCL-8 (1970)
I grew up on this farm.
51-BCL-25 (1973)
I was born and raised on this farm, as was my father and grandfather. This is a Century Farm.
9-ECL-9 (1969)
This is our place a couple years after my parents bought it.
64-LCL-27 (1970)
All the barns and the silo are gone. The house is now surrounded by evergreen trees.