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063 jmu 34
63-JMU-34 (Muscatine, 1974)
This is the old downtown area of Walcott, IA. We used to bring grain down here to the Elevator.
033 csc 32
33-CSC-32 (Scott, 1981)
My sister and her family live here now and it looks MUCH different! So neat to have the old vintage aerial... more »
033 csc 32
33-CSC-32 (Scott, 1981)
I remember visiting this farm of a neighbor as a young kid.
041 bsc 21
41-BSC-21 (Scott, 1973)
This looks like the farm of our former neighbor, Elmer Soenke.
041 bsc 18
41-BSC-18 (Scott, 1973)
Looks like an early version of Walcott Elementary School to me. I was born this year.
063 jmu 33
63-JMU-33 (Muscatine, 1974)
Looks like B&D Automotive down in Walcott, IA.
034 csc 03
34-CSC-3 (Scott, 1981)
I remember visiting our neighbor, Elmer Soenke, here on his farm.
064 pwi 11
64-PWI-11 (Winneshiek, 1972)
My grandfather originally owned the service station in the photo, my Dad pumped gas there as a kid in the late... more »

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