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008 gclt 12
8-GCLT-12 (Clayton, 1979)
I live here know and lots have changed.
004 hos 13
4-HOS-13 (Osceola, 1976)
Possibly-1404 Oriole Ave.
004 hos 12
4-HOS-12 (Osceola, 1976)
Possibly 1405 Oriole Ave.
004 hos 07
4-HOS-7 (Osceola, 1976)
The house is in section 32 Viola Twp. (1433 Nest Ave) and the silo, bins, etc. in sec. 33 Viola Twp.
004 ipa 30
4-IPA-30 (Pottawattamie, 1989)
This is the home of Vincent & Emily (Jessen) Killpack.
063 gclt 08
63-GCLT-8 (Clayton, 1979)
My Brother and Sister In Law , Larry and Harriet Borcherding, they raised there family here, Harriet passed... more »

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