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047 mham 24
47-MHAM-24 (Hamilton, 1975)
Oh my gosh! This is our home place on the edge of Blairsburg before my folks build the current house. Looks... more »
010 xham 35
10-XHAM-35 (Hamilton, 1980)
Carstens/Arends farmstead. House closest to the road is still there...and the corn crib
010 xham 34
10-XHAM-34 (Hamilton, 1980)
Herman and Dorothy Carstens place, South of Blairsburg
055 ibv 03
55-IBV-3 (Buena Vista, 1971)
This is the Morgan farm East of Storm Lake. None of the original buildings are left, but in 1996 a new house... more »

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