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025 ldi 10
25-LDI-10 (Dickinson, 1970)
This photo is my family farm where my parents Bruce and Weyvon Will still reside.
064 xkeo 31
64-XKEO-31 (Keokuk, 1980)
This was my Great Grandparents, Grandparents and now farm own with my brother and cousin. It is a Century... more »
058 hke 10
58-HKE-10 (Keokuk, 1976)
This and number11 was our old home place. Everything is gone now but the hay barn in the far left of the photo... more »
015 afy 05
15-AFY-5 (Fayette, 1984)
Main Street in Westgate,Iowa
012 afy 19
12-AFY-19 (Fayette, 1984)
Main Street and 2nd Street in Maynard,Iowa
010 afy 03
10-AFY-3 (Fayette, 1984)
Main Street and 7th Street in Maynard,Iowa
010 afy 02
10-AFY-2 (Fayette, 1984)
Main Street in Maynard,Iowa

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