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016 ipa 03
16-IPA-3 (Palo Alto, 1971)
Connie, I remember how he loved his visits back home. He would go to the cafĂ© and gas station and every other... more »
016 ipa 03
16-IPA-3 (Palo Alto, 1971)
My Dad could not wait to leave the farm when he went off to college. But as time went on he was drawn back... more »
010 ipa 22
10-IPA-22 (Palo Alto, 1971)
Our Carmichael/Thompson farm
016 ipa 03
16-IPA-3 (Palo Alto, 1971)
This is the farm my great grandfather homesteaded in 1876. It is still in our family. The house and barn are... more »
016 ipa 03
16-IPA-3 (Palo Alto, 1971)
My Dad grew up on this farm.
012 hpo 30
12-HPO-30 (Poweshiek, 1976)
Uncle Bill's Farm 2012-... Pumpkins and rare poultry
113 bwe 19
113-BWE-19 (Webster, 1973)
I grew up here. The house is gone and most of the out buildings.

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