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We have 1332 rolls of film from Crawford County. That's about 47,952 photos. 75% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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76-UCR-10 (1993)
Our newly built home. Custom by Ted Szall of Mill Village. Will never sell!
7A-UCR-28 (1993)
This used to be my grandparents home before the tornado, a bungalow from the 1930's. They were lucky they... more »
7A-UCR-26 (1993)
This small trailer park is close to the area where I think the church that burnt down in the 60's or 70... more »
7A-UCR-23 (1993)
There used to be several train tracks here, and a very small house on the corner where the house is now. To... more »
7A-UCR-27 (1993)
This home was built after the tornado. Since then, another home has been built by the trees to the left of... more »
7A-UCR-22 (1993)
This house was built after the tornado of '85, across the road from what used to be a mill. The drive to... more »
109-TCW-10 (1984)
This was my grandparents' neighbor's farm. The farm was destroyed, as well as my Grandparents'... more »
109-TCW-4 (1984)
This building and the house next to it, and across the street, as well as the store under the flat roof at very... more »