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12-PME-15 (Mercer, 1980)
131 Olson Road, Stoneboro, PA. Picture is looking to the southeast. The only structure that is still standing... more »
55-PWM-36 (Westmoreland, 1968)
Russel Haines Dairy Farm
2-KWE-28 (Westmoreland, 1994)
Glen Fink's Dairy Farm
89-IWE-35 (Westmoreland, 1970)
Russel Haines dairy farm.
54-PWM-32 (Westmoreland, 1968)
Part of Draftina Dairy Farm on 161 Slack Road. The house and all of the buildings have since been torn down.
54-PWM-31 (Westmoreland, 1968)
Draftina Dairy Farm on 160 Slack Road. The house and most of the barns still stand.
381-SYO-13 (York, 1981)
Only the bank barnabd corn barn are left, Everything else has been torn down and replaced

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