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045 cla 05
45-CLA-5 (Lancaster, 1963)
This is my husbands and my farm. We got it from his parents and our neighbor would have grown up here.
098 tcw 31
98-TCW-31 (Crawford, 1984)
I worked there in the late 60's and early 70's when it was an Easer Seals Camp
321 cum 36
321-CUM-36 (Cumberland, 1963)
This school has been torn down at some point but it does show up on the 1957 - 1962 Aerial photo on Pennpilot... more »
321 cum 28
321-CUM-28 (Cumberland, 1963)
This is the corner of Route 174 (Walnut Bottom Road) and Route 3015 (Mt. Rock Road).

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