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086 dwa 03
86-DWA-3 (Washington, 1966)
Ryburn Homestead. Alot
057 obf 02
57-OBF-2 (Bedford, 1969)
Hello My Name is Carol Saylor Scott I live in this home . First the name of my farm is Big Spring Farm . Not... more »
061 tti 21
61-TTI-21 (Tioga, 1984)
Jordon Keeney's house
117 ubut 15
117-UBUT-15 (Butler, 1993)
Election House Rd Daugherty
069 ebu 15
69-EBU-15 (Butler, 1974)
Election House Road Current owner Daugherty
071 zch 34
71-ZCH-34 (Chester, 1986)
Providence Road and West Chester Pike (Route 3)

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