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the only structure still there is the white building on bottom and two of the houses in upper left corner

This is my home town square only one of those buildings are still standing makes me feel historic

My grandparents ran a bar and lived in the two-story hotel-like building on the northwest corner of the intersection on the right. That was in the very early part of 1950s

My home town.

This will always be my old stomping grounds, loved growing up in Cincy home sweet home.

What year did they start tearing down the buildings?

I used to drive through town every day but Sunday on my way to work on the farms of Curtis & Clifford Sebolt from 1974-75. A lot of buildings have disappeared since then...

As a kid in 1977 I would ride my bicycle on this square. Oldhams' hardware in upper left and right next to it was Seddon's garage, Samantha's dad, and next was Mary Ellen's Cafe, and then Pug's Tavern. Then cross the street on the right of the picture was Hutchison's meat market and then the post office. Wow memory lane!

I use to live there and grew up with aswsome people. Still a few of them. They've have torn down a lot of the buildings. I use to go to dances in the old hotel.

This is my home town i loved growing up in Cincinnati Iowa Would like to do it again

I loved Cincinnati. When i was younger i always said i would live there. Makes me sad the square is gone. At one time we were related to almost every person there.

Home sweet Home!! lots of wonderful memories growing up here!!

Yes I remember Cincinnati well..Was a kid in this Town..Had paper Route,we lived behind Bucky Bates and across street from Patty Lawson and Gabe and Marcy Buckalew... Remember Hutchinsons Store,Pugs And Mary Ellen restaurant...Pool Hall...Ball Games and care free times... ( Sis Scott ).. great memories

I am true Cincinnati thru and true! An original. PROUD!

I loved growing up in Cincinnati, lots of great memories, got my first fishing pole from the old hardware store a lot of the people and buildings are gone but I cherish the time I had there

Ah Home sweet home. I lived in the building in the far North East corner. Dad and Uncle Tom ran the pool hall. I recognize some of the cars, but can't remember for sure who's they were. Nothing much left now.

My Dad owned the store next to Oldham's hardware, corner on the east side. We lived above his electrical store. Right smack on the square! I don't remember when Dad and Mom sold it and moved west of town and bought a little house on the highway, I left in 1962 when I married Paul Sweeden.

Best place to grow!

Grow up, that is!

Born there 86 yrs ago and lived there until 1951 - so sad to see all the buildings gone!

I grew up there with my sister, Margaret Thomas Anderson and brother, Paul. The town had great Labor Day celebrations - carnival and all. Barbara Mandrell came one year.

I grew up in Cincy from the 30s thru the mid 59s miss the town wish it was like it was when I was growing up.We go home once a year at Memorial Day.

My Grandma Germann was born in Cincinnati ,Before she got married her last name was Mattenson

Me and my mom and two Brothers were in Cincinnati Iowa in 2010 lots of the buildings are all gone

That’s probably my dad’s truck in front of Pug’s Tavern.

I share some of the same memories with Vicky Butkovich Malin. Enjoyed special times there with all our cousins and Aunts and Uncles. Would love to be able to go back in time to the old Cincy.

I was born & raised there. I graduated from Cincinnati H.S. in 1959. My Grandfather started a Grocery store in the 1920s. My parents, Glen & Reva Britt, bought him out in 1930 & operated 'Britt Grocery' store for 39.5 yrs. It was one of the oldest operating businesses in the history in Cincinnati, IA. They retired from their Grocery business in 1969. My Dad was on the town council for 26 yrs, school board for 18 yrs, Pres. of the Business Assoc. for 20 yrs. He also served as Mayor. I met my wife, Karen, following her around the Cincinnati Square on a Sat. night one summer, as she was spending a week in Cincinnati with her cousins, Sharon & Linda Wyckoff. Karen & I were 12 & 14 yrs old at that time. We have been married for 60 yrs - Feb.1961-2021.

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