Fairfield County

We have 866 rolls of film from Fairfield County. That's about 31,176 photos.

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63-IFF-3 (1965)
My Maternal grandparent's farm on Hunter Rd. in Amanda, OH. None of the buildings stand any longer, with... more »
31-YFRF-13 (1984)
I bought this property in May 1973 and I am still here.The only change I can see is the trees are much taller... more »
23-PFA-9 (1978)
This was my grandparents house. The house is gone but the land is still farmed. I miss these days when I would... more »
17-MFAD-11 (1969)
This was my grandparents house when I was growing up. The junkyard has been moved since this picture was taken... more »
162-HFA-7 (1981)
Mt Pleasant Distributing..Distributor for Pabst ,Blatz,Old Style Beer.. also some soda pop. Filed Bankruptcy... more »
35-IFF-13 (1965)
Miller Farm
36-PFA-18 (1978)
this is a photo of my birthplace......now my home.
53-PFA-26 (1978)
This is the Salem Church. It is located at the corner of Salem Church Road and Amanda Northern in Lithopolis... more »