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We have 614 rolls of film from Union County. That's about 22,104 photos. 91% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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004 sun 04
4-SUN-4 (1964)
I Now own this property
057 sun 02
57-SUN-2 (1964)
This is before my time (1978). It is interesting to see how much this house will change between this photo... more »
031 kun 16
31-KUN-16 (1996)
Amazing how much everything grew from '79-'96. Everything is so grown up now you can barely see the... more »
024 bun 30
24-BUN-30 (1979)
I was born in May '78 and my family moved here in September '78. The trees and bushes have really grown... more »
024 bun 20
24-BUN-20 (1979)
Attended this school for all twelve years! It’s obvious that the playground has been relocated to the left... more »
056 nun 24
56-NUN-24 (1973)
My dad bought this in the early 70’s he remodeled it and we moved in in 1973. The barns in the back are gone... more »
055 zun 09
55-ZUN-9 (1983)
Mygrandpa Joe Moesely lived here. Now he is gone and my uncle Frank lives here
050 nun 36
50-NUN-36 (1973)
10061 Mitchell DeWitt Road. My family home on the family farm that has been with us for 200+ years. It sure... more »