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We have 97 rolls of film from Union County. That's about 3,492 photos. 71% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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018 oun 23
18-OUN-23 (1972)
Oberschlake Farm now. At this time it would have been the Hofers farm. Lean to is gone, new barn built in corner... more »
010 oun 32
10-OUN-32 (1972)
Now crabtree auto sales.
010 oun 31
10-OUN-31 (1972)
Confirm that. Jobe Farm. New house behind original which is stilm there. Also couple trailers around pond... more »
010 oun 22
10-OUN-22 (1972)
Philkmath In looking south
010 oun 20
10-OUN-20 (1972)
Church is gone
010 oun 05
10-OUN-5 (1972)
Barn is gone. Tornado late seventies. It is now a maple syrup farm surrounded by dense forest. A sugarhouse... more »
014 lun 30
14-LUN-30 (1982)
Crouse trucking. Knew a guy that drove for them
014 lun 17
14-LUN-17 (1982)
My grandparents lived here for 30 years. Many many happy memories!