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042 dwh 19
42-DWH-19 (Whitley, 1979)
On St. Rd 9, North of Tri-Lakes, just after it curves to the right. Looking North West.
013 ewh 03
13-EWH-3 (Whitley, 1976)
House on SR 9, North of Tri-Lakes, West side of the highway. Barn in the back left corner is not there anymore... more »
013 ewh 02
13-EWH-2 (Whitley, 1976)
Farm house on County Rd. S 200 W, just West of SR 9, where it curves. This is looking North West. Back building... more »
013 ewh 01
13-EWH-1 (Whitley, 1976)
Farm house on State Rd 9, north of Tri-Lakes, just past the curve. Same building are still there, a couple... more »
009 bhu 23
9-BHU-23 (Huntington, 1966)
This is the house that my father, Mark Fisher, was born in.
009 bhu 26
9-BHU-26 (Huntington, 1966)
Mark & Jeanette Fisher home after it was moved from grove of trees area just out of sight to the left of... more »
016 fva 30
16-FVA-30 (Vanderburgh, 1989)
I don't think the Hixlin Photography I worked for was in business before 1980. If your pic is the group... more »
059 bva 07
59-BVA-7 (Vanderburgh, 1980)
I now live here. The tack hammer building burnt down in the early nineties. Do you have any older photos of... more »

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