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054 hno 03
54-HNO-3 (Noble, 1977)
We live here now
054 hno 02
54-HNO-2 (Noble, 1977)
Yes, I used to live their growing up and farming the land!
034 lpi 32
34-LPI-32 (Pike, 1982)
This was Carl Gray's home. His niece, Judy Gray lived there until she passed away several years ago.
003 wwtg 27
3-WWTG-27 (Washington, 1993)
My home. Purchased in 1929, 4th generation farmer.
042 lkn 34
42-LKN-34 (Knox, 1982)
Dr. Daniel Herman's on Hwy 61 just out of Vincennes.
042 lkn 32
42-LKN-32 (Knox, 1982)
Jim Ballard Place in front. Dr. Daniel Herman in the back. On Hwy 61.

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