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013 kru 21
13-KRU-21 (Rush, 1970)
The Old Rushville Skating Rink just outside of town on U.S. 52
013 bbe 27
13-BBE-27 (Benton, 1966)
What is the circle in the field? The barns are both gone now. The square pit is still here, with a water pump... more »
013 bbe 26
13-BBE-26 (Benton, 1966)
We purchased this home in 2004. Both barns are gone now. The chicken coop is still up, being used as a workshop... more »
043 kwa 03
43-KWA-3 (Wayne, 1970)
American Legion
042 kwa 30
42-KWA-30 (Wayne, 1970)
T & F Construction
042 kwa 20
42-KWA-20 (Wayne, 1970)
Chicago Corner Church
021 isu 06
21-ISU-6 (Sullivan, 1978)
Woodward family farm. I worked for them Jr. High through High School. They were loyal Purdue alumni and alreadys... more »
023 fsu 12
23-FSU-12 (Sullivan, 1974)
I grew up here. Farm was owned by Grandfather Marvel Nash and my parents moved here at the height of the depression... more »

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