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25-PLA-8 (Lawrence, 1985)
This is part of my mom and dad's property when they 1st moved there in 1971. Would like to have a copy of... more »
42-KRU-9 (Rush, 1970)
Carl and Mabel Marlatt farm on State Road 244 between Richland and Andersonville.
105-KHE-27 (Hendricks, 1970)
This was my dads house for 35 years Dad past away 2018 and now it’s mine . There is a lot more trees now . A... more »
61-KMO-13 (Morgan, 1970)
8444 SR39 owned by Bishop & Nungester
62-KMO-27 (Morgan, 1970)
8125 Sr 39 Owned by Donnie & Donna McClure in the 1970s
62-KMO-34 (Morgan, 1970)
Lower Sinclair’s 8075 SR39 upper Dan& Lena Ooley
62-KMO-32 (Morgan, 1970)
Mr & Mrs Sinclair 8075 SR 39

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