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005 pri 23
5-PRI-23 (Ripley, 1985)
Everett Emsweller's farm
023 hwh 33
23-HWH-33 (Whitley, 1997)
I bought this house just over a year ago. The driveway has been moved to come in from the west instead of the... more »
020 bgr 21
20-BGR-21 (Grant, 1966)
This was my home. The horse on the left was one of mine.
010 dba 09
10-DBA-9 (Bartholomew, 1979)
my property is just to the north
061 ecl 22
61-ECL-22 (Clark, 1976)
Trailer in back is Kevin and Carla Akers.
076 gba 33
76-GBA-33 (Bartholomew, 1975)
Lynn and Linda Lykins farm, this taken about 2 years after the 4/3/74 tornado that went through. I bought the... more »
076 gba 28
76-GBA-28 (Bartholomew, 1975)
Bennie Whipker farm I used to work for Bennie in the produce and hogs back in 1969-1974 house and barns still... more »

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