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3-IVI-7 (Vigo, 1978)
The farm belonged to my grandparents Aurther and Irene Hale. He raised hogs and cattle. Their home and out buildings... more »
66-TMO-17 (Montgomery, 1973)
This is where I lived from the age of 2 weeks old until I was 15. Most everything has changed. It was owned... more »
87-BCL-5 (Clinton, 1980)
I live here now. There is no barn accross the road anymore.
65-TMO-24 (Montgomery, 1973)
This is my child hood home, that my parents still live in. Everything has changed about it
10-TJE-26 (Jennings, 1973)
Purchased this property in 2002
13-OKO-23 (Kosciusko, 1972)
This was Millard Yant farm. That is a Mint Still and was still in use in to the 80's address was 50 west... more »
111-KBA-14 (Bartholomew, 1970)
View is toward southeast.
21-ESC-15 (Scott, 1976)
View is to the east.

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