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211 dwh 25
211-DWH-25 (Whitley, 1979)
Amazing how much has changed from 72 to 79.
068 owh 23
68-OWH-23 (Whitley, 1972)
Grew up here and my parents still live here.
056 ecl 20
56-ECL-20 (Clark, 1976)
This was my papa's house. It is no longer there, as it has been torn down(since his death)
030 dne 27
30-DNE-27 (Newton, 1979)
Hazelden Country Club
033 dne 27
33-DNE-27 (Newton, 1979)
Brook United Methodist Church
031 dne 09
31-DNE-9 (Newton, 1979)
Brook Building & Supply
031 fne 04
31-FNE-4 (Newton, 1974)
Hazelden Country Club

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