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7-HJEF-34 (Jefferson, 1977)
This was my Grandmother Harriet Herring's farm. My Cousin Eric Christman tore down the house after he got... more »
7-HJEF-33 (Jefferson, 1977)
I got married in this church in 1972.
7-HJEF-32 (Jefferson, 1977)
I think this the farm that was owned by David Brown and his family. It is the site of a Boat Works where they... more »
7-HJEF-31 (Jefferson, 1977)
This is where Robert "PeeWee" and Donald "Butch" Tinker had/have their tractor repair business... more »
7-HJEF-28 (Jefferson, 1977)
This was the Spencer farm in the 1890's. My Maternal Grandmother was born and raised here. It later/now... more »
45-TFU-27 (Fulton, 1973)
All buildings are gone and replaced with new house 1975. Husbands family owned, now son owns it.
49B-GKO-2 (Kosciusko, 1975)
This looks like the Polk Equipment building in Leesburg.
6-OPU-31 (Putnam, 1972)
The mansion at the far left may have been built by William and Mary O'Hair. It was a large brick mansion... more »

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