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054 ide 03
54-IDE-3 (Dearborn, 1978)
Aurora Marina SR 56
029 bpu 22
29-BPU-22 (Pulaski, 1966)
Abbot farm now owned by Ruff family quonset building is all left
054 ide 11
54-IDE-11 (Dearborn, 1978)
Coopers Marina, Cooper McCool, owner (not sure of spelling)
027 bpu 32
27-BPU-32 (Pulaski, 1966)
Cal Scheffer residence. Two more machine sheds and 3 grain bins stand on property now
011 hdea 17
11-HDEA-17 (Dearborn, 1977)
This was Elmer Kaiser's farm in 50's. I have many pictures of it and they match exactly.
003 bva 11
3-BVA-11 (Vanderburgh, 1980)
This is the MOTO-MART gas station/rest area, located at Exit 18, on the south side of Interstate 64. Several... more »

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