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011 fla 12
11-FLA-12 (LaGrange, 1963)
This a south facing view of the 1st farmstead east of Brighton on the south side of SR-120. This was the home... more »
011 fla 10
11-FLA-10 (LaGrange, 1963)
In 1965 -- this was the residence of Phillip Lanson Swihart and Leora (Gunthorpe) Swihart. It is located east... more »
011 fla 09
11-FLA-9 (LaGrange, 1963)
Dyoll Swihart farmstead (looking west) -- @ SE corner of intersection of SR-120 and CR 475 E.
011 fla 08
11-FLA-8 (LaGrange, 1963)
Farmstead on SE corner of SR-120 and 475 E. Home of Dyoll Elva Swihart and Alice Adelia (Dague) Swihart... more »
011 fla 05
11-FLA-5 (LaGrange, 1963)
Large sheet-metal covered building in right foreground is Swihart Elevator on south side of SR-120 -- between... more »
010 fla 09
10-FLA-9 (LaGrange, 1963)
4810 E 500 N - Home of Maurice Light Swihart and Nelta McKenzie Swihart. Large bank barn burned to ground in... more »
003 fla 24
3-FLA-24 (LaGrange, 1963)
Weiss Trucking headquarters in Mongo, Indiana.
002 fla 34
2-FLA-34 (LaGrange, 1963)
Garlets farmstead on west side of 900 E - about 1 mile south of SR-120. This was one of the largest bank barns... more »

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