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059 ehe 34
59-EHE-34 (Henry, 1976)
Home of Don and Roberta Hunt. Became our home in 1974.
027 vcl 24
27-VCL-24 (Clay, 1988)
My wifes' grandparents lived here for over 40 years. They were dairy farmers. The original barn shown... more »
071 ksh 22
71-KSH-22 (Shelby, 1970)
Sain't Vincent school building.
071 ksh 23
71-KSH-23 (Shelby, 1970)
This is the Saint Vincent Church, school and Nun's house. The Nuns home is no longer there.
015 mfa 01
15-MFA-1 (Fayette, 1971)
Yes My Husband and i bought this .House in 1971 We Had 3 of our children while we lived here nathan jason and... more »
003 isu 37
3-ISU-37 (Sullivan, 1978)
This is my grandparents farm but now it’s my moms
028 ead 03
28-EAD-3 (Adams, 1967)
The barn in the bottom of the picture was removed and the wood taken to a person who wanted the siding to build... more »
028 ead 02
28-EAD-2 (Adams, 1967)
This is the house I grew up in and my parents still live there! It looks like we are bike riding! The middle... more »

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