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Lancaster County

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We have 942 rolls of film from Lancaster County. That's about 33,912 photos. 95% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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Latest Comments

067 cla 12
67-CLA-12 (1963)
This is the farm I grew up on.I was there until 1962 when I left for the Navy. A lot of good times on the farm... more »
075 nla 35
75-NLA-35 (1988)
I believe that is The Swan, a former Hotel & Bar, located Stasburg Pike and Miller St. Strasburg PA
060 nla 15
60-NLA-15 (1988)
The Amish School House, located on a small corner of a private farm owned by Levi "Pap" King who was... more »
060 nla 10
60-NLA-10 (1988)
I think(99% sure) that this home belonged to Harold and Dawn Groff. My Mom and her bf at the time were great... more »
060 nla 09
60-NLA-9 (1988)
My friend C.Groff and I used to walk through horse pastures and meadows to catch bluegills here. We used to... more »
060 nla 07
60-NLA-7 (1988)
I think this is a log cabin home located on Wolfrock Rd, when I was very young, they owned the first Volvo I... more »
060 nla 02
60-NLA-2 (1988)
This as an old tavern, inn and blacksmiths shop, rt741 and Wolfrock Rd, Paradise
057 nla 33
57-NLA-33 (1988)
Eastern Lancaster County Rod & Gun Club, Smyrna Rd, Gap Pa. Still There, and still looked the same the last... more »