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Assorted Businesses along US 33 (at Indiana Ave) in Goshen. Bottom right is Burger Chef, now KFC. Middle bottom is an empty lot where Long John Silvers and Wendy's are currently. Mister Donut/ Dunkin Donuts sign can be seen at the very bottom right. Pep Auto is the left bottom corner. Top left corner is Azar's Big Boy, later Town Haus/Nuevo Matzatlan, now O'Reilly Auto Parts. Middle of photo is Pletcher Motor Co. Pletcher Motor Sales was demolished Spring 2020 in order to build a gas station.

I used to work at Azar's about 1976-77. Good food, cheap owners. Pletcher Motor company sold Cadillacs. They struggled for a while, as the 70s and 80s caused a lot of people not being able to afford them.

Mister Donut. Yup it was still Mister Donut back then. After leaving my position at Azars, I'd meet up with a guy I worked with part time there. Ended up meeting my future bride and we were married on Christmas eve of 77.

Where the watermark is was an RV repair place. Paul Pressler had set up his used car lot in the old gas station (the white cinderblock building at the edge of the photo. In 1976, he bought out the old Paddle Wheel Restaurant on the corner and expanded his business. Burger Chef, alas folded along with many of the restaurant chains in the 1980s.

I worked at the Azars in 1979 as a dish washer and bus boy, I was 16 years old. We would go disco dancing that summer in Mishawaka with the owner of the restaurant, and everybody's favorite waitress Debbie Bell. I have gone on to be an automotive executive for one of the big three auto makers in Metro Detroit, where I still work and live. Boy, that was a long time ago, the memorires.

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