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    Commented on 91-XHM-20
    Hamilton County, OH
    This is the current site of the intersection of Hanley Rd. Cheviot Rd. The two houses pictured were demolished for the intersection improvement.
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    Commented on 91-XHM-19
    Hamilton County, OH
    Intersection of Hanley Rd. and Cheviot Rd. before the intersection was moved to the left of the repair shop. The repair shop building is still standing today.
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    Commented on 91-XHM-16
    Hamilton County, OH
    White Oak Christian Church, still in operation today.
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    Commented on 91-XHM-21
    Hamilton County, OH
    Still in operation today.
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    Commented on 92-XHM-8
    Hamilton County, OH
    Langen Meats. My father worked there in High School in the 70's.
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    Commented on 90-XHM-1
    Hamilton County, OH
    Yes Cheviot Rd. It is now White Oak Auto Center.
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    Commented on 91-XHM-18
    Hamilton County, OH
    The parking lot was also used for Gilb's Produce many years ago. He ended up building a small shop behind the ice cream store. The produce stand is no longer in business.
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    Commented on 49-XHM-17
    Hamilton County, OH
    This building is still standing today and several lanes have been added to the adjacent road.
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    Commented on 56-WBU-14
    Butler County, OH
    This intersection looks much the same today.
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    Commented on 56-WBU-12
    Butler County, OH
    Queen of Peace Catholic Church and school. Lots of building since this picture.
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    Butler County, OH
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