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5486 Lexington Salem Eoad West Alexandria Ohio

Markey Mansion 5486 Lexington Salem Road West Alexandria, OH
Built in the mid 1850s, this 17-room grand Victorian mansion was built by J. H. Markey a Preble County Probate Court Judge and large farm owner.

What is the status of this beautiful piece of history now? I found something from 2014 that stated it was in imminent danger of being demolished. It's gorgeous.

Drove by it today, May 6, 2017. There is a tree fallen on the roof, and it is in poor condition. Was told ne'er-do-well renters trashed the inside in the 2000s. The brick and stone look pretty good...anyone out there want to spend $$$$$$$$ and reconstruct this awesome place?

It's so sad to drive by this now! It's falling down around itself! It used to be so pretty!

20 years ago as newlyweds, my husband and I used to drive by this house and talk about how wonderful if would be to live in a house like that and how it would be neat if we could someday own that house. A few months ago I had drove by it for the first time in 20 years and I was so disheartened at the state of it. I hate to see homes with such history and character be lost like this one. Perhaps the Preble County Historical Society could help to bring this house back to life?

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