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Markey Mansion 5486 Lexington Salem Road West Alexandria, OH
Built in the mid 1850s, this 17-room grand Victorian mansion was built by J. H. Markey a Preble County Probate Court Judge and large farm owner.

By all accounts that I've found, both by record and online state the home was built in 1864 by the judge of prebel county. The house contains by my own count, 17 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 story's plus a full basement, and servants courters as the stairway leading to the rooms is split, one room for men, the other room for women, and a smoke house. It was last occupied in 2004 where, soon after, both the guest house and this beautiful Victorian style mansion were left abandoned and are both currently in search of new owners. Rumor has it the house was part of the underground railroad both during and in the years following the civil war. It is my firm belief that there is remains of a tunnel in the basement connecting the main house to the guest house further down the property as in both basements there is miss matches brick facing each other in a perfect line. Along where a tunnel would have been there is also the remains of a barn and sink holes on the property that when dug into revealed blocks of brick far from any building, also laying on this line connecting the two homes.

Cool story. So you were able to walk the grounds? How bad is the condition of the house?

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