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My Granny worked here. Brings back the memories of her wild stories of working there. They'll forever live on.. I love and miss you Granny. R.I.P Patty (aka Granny). Gone but never forgotten..

My grandfather loved this place. I remember going to eat with him many many times. He loved sitting inside the airplane. Everyone knew him, of course not too many people didn't know my grandfather.

I loved to eat there when I was little. My Grandparents always made sure we ate in the plane. Lots of memories on Sundays there.

My mamaw and papaw ate here every Sunday until they passed away. So many memories.

It was a treat to get to go here for lunch. I lived not too far from there.

Use to go here with my parents when I was younger. Was telling my kids and granddaughter about this place just the other day! Do you remember this Kathleen schorr.

My parents still eat here nearly every Friday night and though the airplane is gone now we always go at least one time whwnever I go back home.

This is my family place I miss eating there with my grandpa and aunt Betty shoemaker and Jerry puritt Lee and Lora Roades are great people

Still love eating here. Loved the plane too. My grandpa is the one that bought it when they sold it.

My first real job was here at "the old Y restaurant", washing dishes in 1992. I love this place and think of it often!! Best homemade yeast rolls and deserts ever!!

1940 US62 Winchester, Ohio (the mailing address), but it is south of Hillsboro at the intersection of SR321.
Not sure when the plane was removed.

MY husband Buck Rhoades and Coburn Davidson dismantled and
moved this plane to the Y RestaurantLocation.I'm Not sure When it was Moved to Carmel.Coburn Still Does Catering.
Buck passed away Also.

my husband Buck Rhoades along wit Coburn Davidson dismantled
and move it to the Y location some where in middle 60's.Buck
passed away in 20015.Coburn lives at Neals Corner talked to him yesterday.he didn't remember when he sold the Y.He wasn't sure when he sold the Y.We helped him Cater.Our old
Volary Smelled of food till it died.Lots of memories and
great friends.D.E.R

A friend and I were on a motorcycle ride returning from Louisville, KY to Akron, OH in 1977 and ran across the airplane restaurant late in the day when we were both starved. We stopped and had a meal there inside the plane. I had never been back through there since but always wondered what happened to the plane. The photo brought back a lot of memories. Thanks.

I worked there in 1967 when I was a senior in High School. I knew nothing about the plane or just wasn't interested in the history at that time. I enjoyed working there. The couple was there were wonderful.


Buck Rhoades moved the plane to the Highland south.Old y now.Coburn said if he could buy a plane he'd move it there Buck told him it could happen.the planes came up for sale at air Born.he bought 1 buck cut it and moved it .thet re assembled it.

When was the plane moved from the Y

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