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We have 205 rolls of film from Green County. That's about 7,380 photos. 69% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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058 pgre 04
58-PGRE-4 (1977)
This is the old Blum farm. We have owned it since 2001. We milked cows there til 2010. A new parlor sits above... more »
026 bgr 17
26-BGR-17 (1982)
Disch family farm, 1979-present
006 pgre 14
6-PGRE-14 (1977)
My parents are living here now
025 pgre 31
25-PGRE-31 (1977)
Disch family farm, 1979-present
025 pgre 30
25-PGRE-30 (1977)
Disch family farm, 1979-present
026 pgre 04
26-PGRE-4 (1977)
East Side Farm Equipment. This was my father's business, later my brother bought into the business and eventually... more »
029 pgre 11
29-PGRE-11 (1977)
This is the Marvin and Marlene Elmer farm about 6 miles north of Albany. There were 5 of us kids. There have... more »
004 pgre 11
4-PGRE-11 (1977)
My Mother born in 1921 lived here and when she was 4 the barn burned down . this is the barn built after that... more »