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020 dpe 13
20-DPE-13 (Pepin, 1985)
Valley farms! Owned by the Fetzers
033 ibu 29
33-IBU-29 (Buffalo, 1979)
Donald and Rosella Rothering
051 ebu 25
51-EBU-25 (Buffalo, 1972)
Schaub Family Farm
037 jshe 33
37-JSHE-33 (Sheboygan, 1978)
I think this is my house that I live in now.
040 cwa 18
40-CWA-18 (Walworth, 1964)
Sign says "Lin-Chris Motel"
047 pou 07
47-POU-7 (Outagamie, 1977)
My brother and his wife built this home and raised their family here. Merlyn and Marian Bergmann. This is on... more »
053 jve 12
53-JVE-12 (Vernon, 1978)
A trailer house was put in by the pole shed for our family to live in and my parents ran the farm for the Hauge... more »
047 pou 20
47-POU-20 (Outagamie, 1977)
Trinity Lutheran Church in Ellington township on County Road O.

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