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030 eba 30
30-EBA-30 (Barron, 1972)
Address: 152 16th Street, Ridgeland, WI. The school was built in 1922. It was originally the Plain View School... more »
052 jgr 11
52-JGR-11 (Grant, 1978)
Todd and sandy ehlen
089 pwau 14
89-PWAU-14 (Waupaca, 1977)
Hi Karen, we are related somewhere along the way, Normans mother died in childbirth if I remember the story... more »
107 est 29
107-EST-29 (St. Croix, 1972)
1368 14th St, Houlton, WI 54082
107 est 28
107-EST-28 (St. Croix, 1972)
135 County Rd E, Houlton, WI 54082
089 pwau 14
89-PWAU-14 (Waupaca, 1977)
My great grandfather C.B Nielsen and and grandmother Sina lived here with my Great Aunt Elma and father Norman... more »
004 nst 26
4-NST-26 (St. Croix, 1980)
Trailer court off of County Highway H, West of Star Prairie.
003 nst 36
3-NST-36 (St. Croix, 1980)
121 Jewell St, Star Prairie, WI 54026

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