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022 jman 05
22-JMAN-5 (Manitowoc, 1978)
this was my grandparents farm on pleasant view road reedsville wisconsin Ervin Maertz
022 jman 06
22-JMAN-6 (Manitowoc, 1978)
this was my grandparents farm, 6807 pleasant view rd Reedsville Wisconsin 54230
012 cda 36
12-CDA-36 (Dane, 1964)
Owned by Willis & Kathryn Wittwer in 1964. Sold to Marilyn & Lavern Haak in 1977. Steve Haak became... more »
012 cda 37
12-CDA-37 (Dane, 1964)
Owned by Herbert and Ann Schabarum in 1964. Sold to Marilyn & Lavern Haak in 1970. Remains in Haak family... more »
040 nju 17
40-NJU-17 (Juneau, 1980)
My parents[Melvin & Grace Ziems]bought this farm in 1960 we bought it from them in 1980.We still own house... more »
040 nju 20
40-NJU-20 (Juneau, 1980)
I bought this farm in 1970 and build the 2 barn additions and redid the house.We farmed there till 1995 and... more »
023 cwa 34
23-CWA-34 (Walworth, 1964)
I believe this is Marty Vanderstappen's farm on Mohawk Rd. Lots has changed over the years.

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