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We have 109 rolls of film from Portage County. That's about 3,924 photos. 21% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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Latest Comments

065 ipo 25
65-IPO-25 (1979)
Much has changed except the basics.
062 ipo 16
62-IPO-16 (1979)
Jennifer, just let me know if youd like to have some of the 95-year-old photos. There are tons of pics out... more »
062 ipo 16
62-IPO-16 (1979)
Dennis, that is so neat that you still have the photos. My Parents purchased the home from an Amish Family in... more »
062 ipo 16
62-IPO-16 (1979)
Hi, Jennifer. This house used to be located directly to the west of its current location....before it was attached... more »
038 ipo 24
38-IPO-24 (1979)
The house I grew up in, my parents still live here almost 40 years later.
043 ipo 14
43-IPO-14 (1979)
Am thankful meeting Ben and Bernice. Have many off her recipes. Especially her dill pickle recipe.
077 ipo 09
77-IPO-9 (1979)
Yes, the big barn, small building in back and the lovely old brick house are now gone, the only building left... more »
045 ipo 04
45-IPO-4 (1979)
6651 County J Plover WI 54467