Cedar County

We have 286 rolls of film from Cedar County. That's about 10,296 photos.

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81-PCE-32 (1972)
We bought this as part of an acreage in 1991. Everything has been torn down and a new house is there now... more »
33-PCE-6 (1972)
This farm was owned by Erwin and Violet Lehrman from about 1944 to about 1976. I and my 3 sisters grew up here... more »
27-PCE-21 (1972)
This has also changed over the years, fences are gone. Trees and bushes are different, more or less of them... more »
27-PCE-20 (1972)
This is my family farm of 125 yrs, only buildings left are the crib and pole barn and just the trees in the... more »
23-PCE-31 (1972)
Lived here from July 1984 till May 2001. Loved this place, my dream!
37-PCE-6 (1972)
do you have any photos that go back to the mid sixties? I grew up on this farm and live there now. I am looking... more »
28-DCE-17 (1990)
Hubler Farm Adams Ave Cedar County
28-DCE-18 (1990)
Alexander Farm 10 138th St Cedar County