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We have 498 rolls of film from Oswego County. That's about 17,928 photos. 100% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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009a sos 29
9A-SOS-29 (1989)
My grandparents, Peter and Dorothy Falcetti owned this school. They made it their home after their house burned... more »
041 nos 16
41-NOS-16 (1982)
I have owned this property since 2011. When I bought it the barn had been torn down. I added an addition to... more »
007 nos 06
7-NOS-6 (1982)
Walter Tractor Supply
022 nos 11
22-NOS-11 (1982)
Golden Fish restaurant.
232 pos 32
232-POS-32 (1983)
This is the old Ricard Church.
219 pos 27
219-POS-27 (1983)
My father owned this property from 1983-2018
162 nos 23
162-NOS-23 (1982)
This is my parent's farm here I grew up. My parents bought the farm back in 147. I live next door to the... more »
014 nos 33
14-NOS-33 (1982)
It’s my current home!