Marshall County

We have 386 rolls of film from Marshall County. That's about 13,896 photos.

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44-PMA-34 (1972)
Baptized in that little Church. 1985 I believe. I was 5 years old. There were more buildings down main St. Unused... more »
97-PMA-21 (1972)
Gilman with the highway 146 curve at bottom of the page.
30-FMR-23 (1982)
I can't remember the name of the church. But this is in Dunbar Ia. My father and grandparents are buried... more »
23-FMR-25 (1982)
This is the COOP gas station in Hwy 14 in Laurel Ia. This sits on the West side of the Hwy.
26-FMR-22 (1982)
North of Gilman I do believe this is the Medhus Farm. They raise hogs. You can see the railroad tracks behind... more »
26-FMR-20 (1982)
Northwest corner of Gilman. Stonewall's lived here and if you look at the top of the picture you can see... more »
26-FMR-15 (1982)
This is another view of the Wiseman farm about 1 mile North of Gilman on Hwy 146. Sits on the West side of... more »
26-FMR-14 (1982)
On Hwy 146 North of Gilman this was the Wiseman's farm. This farm is about a mile North of Gilman on the... more »