Benton County

We have 385 rolls of film from Benton County. That's about 13,860 photos.

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1-QBE-17 (1994)
Yes, lived here for several years and had my kids grow up here. I miss this place, but now very different. Someday... more »
84-PBE-5 (1972)
Rammelsburg farmstead many years ago... more »
84-PBE-6 (1972)
Soden farm ..later a Lamphier home and acreage... more »
84-PBE-7 (1972)
Soden farm many years ago..later a lamphier home..Marion and Diane lived here and raised a handsome family... more »
84-PBE-11 (1972)
This would be Glen and Georgia Cumberlands farm..prior to the big silo being built near the cattle lot in middle... more »
84-PBE-14 (1972)
I believe this is the Lawrence and Bonnie Fett farm... more »
80-PBE-35 (1972)
Van Elson's farm...spotted a loose Buffalo..down along the railroad tracks one day..had escaped from some... more »
80-PBE-33 (1972)
Bill Burnell's place..