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013 csh 07
13-CSH-7 (1990)
This was my grand fathers place Aurther Funkhouser and now itโ€™s still in the family Gary and Mary Funkhouser... more »
029 lsh 22
29-LSH-22 (1966)
This would have been ca. 1962-1065.
029 lsh 22
29-LSH-22 (1966)
My elementary school friend, Hal Morrison, lived in the house to the left. His dad owned the garage. I played... more »
029 lsh 01
29-LSH-1 (1966)
I live in the subdivision and the pine trees are part of my back yard. This looks down on what is now the Woodstock... more »
001 vsh 31
1-VSH-31 (1974)
Lauck Pangle bought this place in 1957. Know in the area as "The Miller Place".
024 vsh 25
24-VSH-25 (1974)
i believe old sager farm off of mauretown mill road rt 657
008b csh 20
8B-CSH-20 (1990)
A hole lot I was born in 1990 and this is my home that I still currently live at this is awesome
027 ash 28
27-ASH-28 (1977)
I own this house now. It was bulit in 1966. We love it here. The trees are a lot bigger, and a third garage... more »