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020 jcu 23
20-JCU-23 (Cumberland, 1993)
We bought this place in 2005 and have lived here for the past 14 years. The exterior of the house is basically... more »
001 bvb 03
1-BVB-3 (Virginia Beach, 1991)
Little Piney Grove Baptist, 665 Princess Anne Rd., Virginia Beach, VA.
001 bvb 01
1-BVB-1 (Virginia Beach, 1991)
Oak Grove Baptist Church, 691 Princess Anne Rd., Virginia Beach, VA.
013 bfv 34
13-BFV-34 (Fluvanna, 1991)
My grandfather built this house for his new wife in 1913. They had four daughters, all of whom have passed... more »
019 iwy 01
19-IWY-1 (Wythe, 1986)
This home sadly isn’t there anymore. November 12 2011 there was an electrical fire
039 bpr 01
39-BPR-1 (Prince Edward, 1991)
Poplar Hill Manor - The Dunnington Mansion
021 qam 08
21-QAM-8 (Amelia, 1983)
Yes alot has changed it is still owned by the Sedivy family but it also has a business with a salvage yard on... more »
001a cch 29
1A-CCH-29 (Chesterfield, 1990)
This was the Elliotts home,,it was sold and now little strip of stores sets there now

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