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135 mau 21
135-MAU-21 (Augusta, 1976)
Stumps scrap yard with stump family home in front.
135 mau 18
135-MAU-18 (Augusta, 1976)
The Canning farm. Mrs Canning passed away and farm was sold to luckily another farming family.
007 pap 34
7-PAP-34 (Appomattox, 1994)
House burnt down after being struck by lightning around 2007,If I remember correctly the family was on vacation... more »
007 pap 21
7-PAP-21 (Appomattox, 1994)
Scruggs/Gilliams farm, the house no longer exists as it burnt down and the medium sized barn to the furthest... more »
007 pap 20
7-PAP-20 (Appomattox, 1994)
Seamster house,one of the old Scruggs houses that no longer exists stood at the edge of their garden in the... more »
007 pap 18
7-PAP-18 (Appomattox, 1994)
One of the old Scruggs houses owned by the Thomas B. Scruggs family,the barn to the left of the house no longer... more »
007 pap 17
7-PAP-17 (Appomattox, 1994)
Scruggs/Gilliams house.House was owned by the Scruggs family from at least the 1920's to the 1970's... more »

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