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049 kbo 28
49-KBO-28 (1986)
Yes it was my grandparents farm
037 kbo 16
37-KBO-16 (1986)
built this house... only an added garage since.. and tree in font gone..
045 ebo 25
45-EBO-25 (1979)
American Legion post on Rt. WW
045 ebo 13
45-EBO-13 (1979)
Olivet Church
045 ebo 01
45-EBO-1 (1979)
My folks' place on East Turner Farm Rd.
077 kbo 15
77-KBO-15 (1986)
Tom and Velda Davison's house on East Turner Farm Rd. The bright spot in upper left corner is my pond.
077 kbo 16
77-KBO-16 (1986)
Rusty Coats' A-frame house on East Turner Farm Rd.
077 kbo 17
77-KBO-17 (1986)
That trailer house was mine. It's long gone, but the barn and brick house in front are still there.