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005 iwa 36
5-IWA-36 (Warren, 1977)
Prairie View Farm
103 bca 08
103-BCA-8 (Cape Girardeau, 1984)
This was my grandparents farm, where my dad, aunts and uncles, cousins spent many years here growing up. This... more »
003 dja 13
3-DJA-13 (Jackson, 1981)
This is my grandmother's home. I live here now.
003 dja 07
3-DJA-7 (Jackson, 1981)
This is our family farm. My parents still live here.
018 xsg 32
18-XSG-32 (Ste. Genevieve, 1999)
This is my family’s farm, where I now live.
010 jja 02
10-JJA-2 (Jackson, 1964)
My Grandpa farm I grew up on. My great grandpa bought the farm in 1910.
090 cca 01
90-CCA-1 (Cass, 1983)
I live here now. The old barn burned down, it now has a newer garage, but we still call it a barn.
017 sca 23
17-SCA-23 (Cass, 1978)
Everett Bonar owned this place and most of the land around. Good man and good family. The road is named after... more »

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