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002 gsc 23
2-GSC-23 (Scotland, 1974)
This is the church in Hit Missouri the cemetery where my great grandparents are buried there name was Arthur... more »
038 pau 11
38-PAU-11 (Audrain, 1971)
This is where I grew up!!!
014 dge 06
14-DGE-6 (Gentry, 1981)
Melvern Cole farm. Completely gone now.
014 dge 05
14-DGE-5 (Gentry, 1981)
Herschel Cole farm
014 dge 01
14-DGE-1 (Gentry, 1981)
Billy Rigney farm
018 mli 16
18-MLI-16 (Lincoln, 1968)
Grandparents farm on my mothers side. Great memories!
113 kli 04
113-KLI-4 (Lincoln, 1986)
Grew up there as well

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