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3-NRA-11 (Ralls, 1990)
Our Farm. There's a new home there today. The old one was tore down due to it being a major fixer upper
3-NRA-10 (Ralls, 1990)
My grandparents farm by Hwy T and Caribou Dr
10-OBU-32 (Buchanan, 1980)
its my house my grandparents lived here along with my parents now myself
1-FJE-16 (Jefferson, 1976)
Also part of 2781 State Rd P, Festus, MO - This is on the lower ground next to the road - trailer and barns... more »
1-FJE-15 (Jefferson, 1976)
2781 State Rd. P, Festus, MO - The house has been demolished and a new one built. Not sure how many of the barns... more »
1-FJE-14 (Jefferson, 1976)
2771 State Rd P, Festus, MO
1-FJE-13 (Jefferson, 1976)
2751 State Rd P, Festus, MO

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