This was the Transcendental Meditation Center. It was bulldozed about 6 years ago.

My husband and I lived in a mobile home near the farm house and he worked on building the main building in 1978 to 1979. I was the cook and a bookkeeper. Thank you for posting these pictures. Kinda makes me sad that they bulldozed it. My husband and other workers worked hard on that building!

Actually it was 1979 to 1980 that we worked there. It was beautiful because it backed up onto a National Forest. We had some good times there. There was a quarry we used to drive to with friends also.

I went back there randomly when I lived in Lexington in 2006. My sister had heard about it and her daughters were in daycare in Dover. We went after we dropped them off. I just moved back to Missouri after living in CA for 12 years. I wanted so badly to go check it out but couldn't remember where it was and had no idea what it was called. Thank you.

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