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We have 118 rolls of film from Santa Clara County. That's about 4,248 photos. 1% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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043 bsc 10
43-BSC-10 (1968)
Villa Mira Monte, country home of Diana & Hiram Morgan Hill
056 bsc 30
56-BSC-30 (1968)
I think this is Golfland on Blossom Hill and Winfield
057 bsc 16
57-BSC-16 (1968)
I *think* that this is Southgate Center on the northeast corner of Blossom Hill and Snell.
057 bsc 15
57-BSC-15 (1968)
SE corner of Snell and Blossom Hill, San Jose...area behind the Chevron is all built up... more »
057 bsc 17
57-BSC-17 (1968)
SW corner of Snell (right) and Blossom Hill (left), San Jose. Gas station is now a Valero, Lucky's is still... more »
029 bsc 11
29-BSC-11 (1968)
Still some sort of junkyard, only now for trailers, San Martin just north of Llagas Creek, Crowner Ave is the... more »
029 bsc 10
29-BSC-10 (1968)
Llagas Creek on the left, now a food plant, San Martin
029 bsc 09
29-BSC-9 (1968)
No idea what this was but it's still there, something called "GCF Frozen, Inc DBA Nature Quality"... more »