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44-QSC-29 (Santa Clara, 1965)
A number of seed companies over the years - this is in Galt, California 38 17' 27" N 121 14' 13... more »
28-QSC-30 (Santa Clara, 1965)
JM Buckley Trucking - Paintersville (Courtland) bridge is just to the right of the picture. To the left is the... more »
28-QSC-33 (Santa Clara, 1965)
38 19' 41" N 121 34' 22" W Courtland California - this whole santa clara county labeling... more »
45-XVI-28 (Tulare, 1967)
My relatives lived here, my father helped build the front house
5-QFR-15 (Fresno, 1965)
9870 S. Smith Ave.
81-CFR-5 (Fresno, 1966)
Belmont Country Club
1-QSA-5 (San Joaquin, 1965)
The Ivy Motel is still the Ivy Motel, while the Servicew Station is now a Engine Repair shop!.
1-QSA-1 (San Joaquin, 1965)
Purchased by, and became, the Elks Lodge in 1974.

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