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  • 004 yfr 15
    Commented on & geotagged 4-YFR-15
    Fresno County, CA
    20607 E. Jefferson Ave, 1/4 mile west of Englehart. All this still exists. The bridge crossing the irrigation canal in the back is gone.
  • 004 yfr 14
    Commented on & geotagged 4-YFR-14
    Fresno County, CA
    5726 S. Buttonwillow, 1/2 mile south of E. Jefferson Ave, north of Reedley. All this property still exists.
  • 004 yfr 13
    Commented on & geotagged 4-YFR-13
    Fresno County, CA
    5800 S. Buttonwillow, just north of Lincoln Ave, north of Reedley. House and shed are still there. Shed has been expanded since then.
  • 004 yfr 12
    Commented on & geotagged 4-YFR-12
    Fresno County, CA
    5800 S. Buttonwillow Ave, north of Lincoln Ave. All structures are still there. The shed has been expanded since then.
  • 004 yfr 11
    Commented on & geotagged 4-YFR-11
    Fresno County, CA
    5800 blk of S. Buttonwillow Ave, just north of Lincoln. The house is still there but the circular driveway has given way to a larger front yard.
  • 004 yfr 10
    Commented on & geotagged 4-YFR-10
    Fresno County, CA
    5864 S. Buttonwillow Ave just north of Lincoln. House is still there. Just a little bit more landscaped.
  • 004 yfr 09
    Commented on & geotagged 4-YFR-9
    Fresno County, CA
    19400 blk of E. Lincoln Ave, about 1/2 mile east of Frankwood Ave, north of Reedley. All this is gone. It's now a solar power plant.
  • 004 yfr 08
    Commented on & geotagged 4-YFR-8
    Fresno County, CA
    19528 E. Lincoln Ave, just east of Columbia Ave. House is still there and has some modifications done to it. Also, it's the site of a large ag operation. A large shed has been built where the curved driveway is.
  • 004 yfr 07
    Commented on & geotagged 4-YFR-7
    Fresno County, CA
    19676 E. Lincoln Ave, 1/4 mile east of Columbia Ave, north of Reedley. All this has been demolished but a newer house graces this property.
  • 004 yfr 06
    Commented on 4-YFR-6
    Fresno County, CA
    NW corner of E. Lincoln & S. Buttonwillow Ave. House is no longer there. Another house sits on the property.
  • 004 yfr 05
    Geotagged 4-YFR-5
    Fresno County, CA