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We have 175 rolls of film from Aroostook County. That's about 6,300 photos. 57% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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002 mar 19
2-MAR-19 (1964)
In my prior post I forgot to put that in 1994 Garth and I tore the old barn down and erected a grey and white... more »
002 mar 19
2-MAR-19 (1964)
This farm was owned by a Titcomb and was purchased by Dana Cheney. Elmer and Robert Walton bought this farm... more »
001 sar 19
1-SAR-19 (1969)
My childhood home, raised here. L to house is gone,four posted clothes line, trees on front lawn, row of trees... more »
004 mar 08
4-MAR-8 (1964)
In 1970 Garth Golding bought this farm from Dean Lynds. It was later purchased by Max Lynds and later sold to... more »
013 oar 05
13-OAR-5 (1965)
Remember riding on the tractor with my Dad to build fires in the potato house during the winter on the hill... more »
002 oar 35
2-OAR-35 (1965)
We lived next door to Beryl and Donna Kinney in the forties. My Dad Bob Stephenson worked for them on the farm... more »
005 oar 21
5-OAR-21 (1965)
Hello! We are still here and the Maples are still standing. I worry every time we get a lot done f gusty winds... more »
005 oar 25
5-OAR-25 (1965)
"The white building with two doors was an old school house turned into a garage" My mom, Frances Foss... more »