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We have 175 rolls of film from Aroostook County. That's about 6,300 photos. 50% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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54-OAR-23 (1965)
This looks like the farm that was owned by my grandparents, Marjorie & Colie Giggie... He bought it in 1951... more »
45-OAR-21 (1965)
Old "Campbell Soups" experimental farm / High Meadow Road Perham
20-SAR-31 (1969)
Was a dairy farm at one time and belonged to Harris', now belongs to Tim Folsom. The big barn is no longer... more »
20-SAR-17 (1969)
McCain Farm, Ludlow Rd. Ludlow?
9-SAR-24 (1969)
I believe this is my great-grandfather Beecher Carmichael's farm.
7-SAR-24 (1969)
House in lower right hand side of photo belonged to Hazen & Jean Drake, Foxcroft Rd. Houlton. The house... more »
60-OAR-28 (1965)
This farm belonged to my parents, Elie and Germaine Roy. It is three miles from the former Van Buren Hospital... more »
19-SAR-10 (1969)
Hartley and Joyce residence.