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013 mfr 03
13-MFR-3 (Franklin, 1964)
I think that this is a photo of the old service station that is currently located just over the bridge in New... more »
012 mfr 31
12-MFR-31 (Franklin, 1964)
The Farmington Motel on Rt 2 outside of Farmington heading toward Farmington Falls.
012 mfr 21
12-MFR-21 (Franklin, 1964)
This set of farm building was owned by the Yeaton family and is located Whitter Rd in close proximity to Mt... more »
009 mfr 18
9-MFR-18 (Franklin, 1964)
I believe this group of building is currently owned by David Scribner and is located along the Munson Rd. in... more »
025 mfr 30
25-MFR-30 (Franklin, 1964)
Walton's Mill in West Farmington, Me., located on the road leading to Temple. Mill gone now a park.
024 mfr 03
24-MFR-3 (Franklin, 1964)
Hidden Acres in Farmington, Maine. Building is still there but the business has closed. Located across from... more »
009 lfr 29
9-LFR-29 (Franklin, 1963)
Farm same as one in frame 30
010 fox 22
10-FOX-22 (Oxford, 1967)
This house is on Sam Annis road and was the home of Sam Annis.

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