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061 oar 38
61-OAR-38 (Aroostook, 1965)
My name is Norma (Cyr) Donovan I am the granddaughter of Walter my father was Fernand I Cyr. My dad passed away... more »
062 oar 02
62-OAR-2 (Aroostook, 1965)
I was born in the house across the street from this.
062 oar 02
62-OAR-2 (Aroostook, 1965)
This was a general store owned by a Mrs. Cyr. It was later moved further up the road which connected to Route... more »
062 oar 13
62-OAR-13 (Aroostook, 1965)
Adelard was my father Patrick's younger brother who continued farming there after Grandpa Alexis died... more »
062 oar 28
62-OAR-28 (Aroostook, 1965)
Rudolph Blier's house and buildings.
088 ake 14
88-AKE-14 (Kennebec, 1964)
So. China dance hall
088 ake 13
88-AKE-13 (Kennebec, 1964)
South China dance hall at the top of the picture
060 oar 07
60-OAR-7 (Aroostook, 1965)
Beleve this is the old Cyr farm Rt one Cyr Plantation run down and abandoned now I believe the big barn and... more »

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