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004 oar 18
4-OAR-18 (Aroostook, 1965)
Sam and Rena were still in the house in 1978 when Mikki and I left the State.
045 lso 28
45-LSO-28 (Somerset, 1963)
Doug Bean's and Savage's House. Corner of Oxbow and West Ridge. Savage house was moved back to it... more »
008 dyo 10
8-DYO-10 (York, 1969)
House at the corner of North and Franklin Streets in Saco.
002 lpi 25
2-LPI-25 (Piscataquis, 1963)
Now the location for Pineland Farms field. Original buildings are all gone and new ones built when Libra came... more »
002 lpi 23
2-LPI-23 (Piscataquis, 1963)
Still standing as of 2019. I remember the Sanbergs.
002 lpi 18
2-LPI-18 (Piscataquis, 1963)
Barns are gone as of 2018, just the house stands.
117 dyo 34
117-DYO-34 (York, 1969)
Homes across from the West Brook Skating Rink. Pool St Biddeford. The Structure in the middle is gone and a... more »
043 fyo 36
43-FYO-36 (York, 1967)
Advent church Goodwins mills Maine

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