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Dragon Seed Restaurant (Chinese), Rt. 1 Kittery Maine

My father was one of the owners of the restaurant and worked there until it was closed. I grew up with many memories of that restaurant. The building no longer exist. It is replaced with a collection of businesses like the Bose Factory Outlet, the Yankee Candle, and Starbucks.

My dad use to play cards with Lee King back in the 1960â™s.

My grandfather was King Lee and my grandmother was Mary Lee. Like Berline Lee Chao, I have many fond memories of the restaurant and the back porch overlooking the water.

what yrs was it open

It opened in April 1960 and closed in the mid-1980s after the premature death of my grandfather King Lee (Lee King).

Thx for the info. I always thought it was the China dragon. At least I had the dragon right. One summe, I think 87 or 68 we spent most of the summer at York Beach at Burnettes trailer oahk n went to the restaurant a few times. It was the only one on route 1 in Kittery correct

Yes, you got the Dragon right! It was the only Chinese restaurant in Kittery, that's for sure. But I don't know whether Bob's or another place was also nearby. I didn't live in Kittery and we only visited the restaurant a few times because my grandparents were always working. It's really cool you remember it. If you can share, I would love to hear any memories of the people, the food, the atmosphere.

Thx again. Like I said it was 67 or 68. That we spent a chunk of the summer at York beach. My Dad & his painting crew stayed a couple summers at Burnettes, while working at Portsmouth Naval base. I know they went there too. I was searching for The China Dragon & came across this. So glad I did cause now I know it's the Dragon seed. Both my folks are gone. Siblings might remember this. I remember it being set back on route 1 but somewhat visible. Thx for posting this picture & for writing back. I also remember Vallee's in Kittery Me, That place was awesome too. So huge

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