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Dragon Seed Restaurant (Chinese), Rt. 1 Kittery Maine

My father was one of the owners of the restaurant and worked there until it was closed. I grew up with many memories of that restaurant. The building no longer exist. It is replaced with a collection of businesses like the Bose Factory Outlet, the Yankee Candle, and Starbucks.

My dad use to play cards with Lee King back in the 1960â™s.

My grandfather was King Lee and my grandmother was Mary Lee. Like Berline Lee Chao, I have many fond memories of the restaurant and the back porch overlooking the water.

what yrs was it open

It opened in April 1960 and closed in the mid-1980s after the premature death of my grandfather King Lee (Lee King).

Thx for the info. I always thought it was the China dragon. At least I had the dragon right. One summe, I think 87 or 68 we spent most of the summer at York Beach at Burnettes trailer oahk n went to the restaurant a few times. It was the only one on route 1 in Kittery correct

Yes, you got the Dragon right! It was the only Chinese restaurant in Kittery, that's for sure. But I don't know whether Bob's or another place was also nearby. I didn't live in Kittery and we only visited the restaurant a few times because my grandparents were always working. It's really cool you remember it. If you can share, I would love to hear any memories of the people, the food, the atmosphere.

Thx again. Like I said it was 67 or 68. That we spent a chunk of the summer at York beach. My Dad & his painting crew stayed a couple summers at Burnettes, while working at Portsmouth Naval base. I know they went there too. I was searching for The China Dragon & came across this. So glad I did cause now I know it's the Dragon seed. Both my folks are gone. Siblings might remember this. I remember it being set back on route 1 but somewhat visible. Thx for posting this picture & for writing back. I also remember Vallee's in Kittery Me, That place was awesome too. So huge

My mom Helen waitressed here for many years. Great owners and family. I loved Mary and King Lee, Jim, Sammy, Gladys, Arlene, Betty, and others. Many fond memories.

Nick, I appreciate your comment and knowing that you have good memories of my grandparents (King and Mary), as well as so many others involved in the restaurant. On Chinese New Year it's especially meaningful to remember the legacy of hard work, delicious food and generous hospitality that our families, your mom included, provided to so many travelers and locals. Happy New Year!

Victoria I can’t overstate how nice your grandparents were to our family. They even came to our house in Dover a couple times.

Wow was I surprised to see this memory on here. I was born in 1958, lived in Kittery Point until the ripe old age of 2 when my parents moved to South Berwick, Maine. I am an antiques dealer and recently found an old ashtray which brought back to the memories of my parents bringing me to the Dragon Seed. Even as a child I loved going there.

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